Here is a quick summary of the news for our office:

  1. Coronavirus/COVID-19 news and information
  2. Office is open and telemedicine is available
  3. Electronic Health Record / Patient Portal


Coronavirus/COVID-19 News and Information
Now in the second year of COVID, we would like to continue to stress that the risk for serious health consequences for children should they get COVID-19 is low. As this novel virus and its variants continues to spread, new information is being gathered and updated which will help to guide appropriate recommendations on how to handle this virus. For the time being, basic hygeine precautions, practicing social distancing, and common sense is all that is needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via our portal or by calling us so that we can help guide you. 

As there are thousands of news pieces on COVID-19 out there, to make your information gathering as efficient, accurate, and as up to date as possible, here are three links for your perusal, the CDC website for COVID-19, the NJ Department of Health site, and a current COVID-19 fact sheet.

- Center for Disease Control (CDC) web page for COVID-19

- New Jersey Department of Health website

- New Jersey Department of Health 2019 Novel Coronavirus Fact Sheet


Office is open and limited telemedicine is available!
As we work through the coronovirus pandemic, the office has implemented a HIPPA compliant telemedicine service to help serve our community while keeping everyone as safe as possible. As you may know, telemedicne visits are a great way to utilize current technology, but can not diagnose everything as there are obvious limitation to what can be accomplished without an examination in person. If you are interested in a telemedince visit, please contact the office to let us know of your question(s) or concern(s) and we will figure out with you if a telemedicine connection would be helpful/beneficial. 


Electronic Health Record / Patient Portal
By now, we hope that you are aware that we have made the jump to an electronic health record (EHR). We are continuing to get all prior medical charts into an electronic format. With the EHR, you have an opportunity to be better connected with our office via multiple lines of communication including this new webpage and a free mobileapp called HealowKids (available both on iOS and Android). Access via the mobile app will allow you send and receive messages with our office, receive appointment reminders and office updates. We will be addiing patient surveys to the portal that you can then complete at home prior to the your appointment/visit to the office. This will have to save time for you. Please ask how you can get better connected with our office!

That's all for now...check back frequently for future updates!!!

Last updated May 8, 2022