Internet Rules

General Information

  • Please complete all fields.  Failure to provide full information may result in delays in processing your request.


  • Please be advised that the processing of referrals may take up to (7) working days. Failure to provide adequate notice for referral requests may be subject to additional processing fees.

Prescription Renewals

  • Requests to renew controlled medications (e.g. narcotics) cannot be processed on-line.  Please call your primary physicians office and follow the telephone prompts for ‘prescription renewal’.
  • Prescription renewals will be called or faxed to your designated pharmacy.  If there is a problem, we will contact you by phone.
  • Prescription renewals will not be made if you have not seen your doctor for an extended period of time (usually greater then 1 year).

Appointment Requests

  • Use the on-line appointment request form to only request a physical examination or preventive visit.
  • If you require a sick visit or an emergency visit please call the office.
  • Please be aware that if you are a new patient and are requesting an appointment an additional form will have to be filled out when you arrive for your first scheduled appointment.


  • Communication with our office using the website should never be used for emergencies or when an immediate response is needed.

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